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Global Experience

My 15 years of experience span across different companies in three countries, offering a unique perspective on software development challenges and solutions. This diverse exposure enriches my training programs with global best practices and cross-cultural insights.

Seasoned Speaker

My speaking engagements at Dotnet Málaga have equipped me with the ability to communicate complex concepts clearly and effectively, making learning an engaging experience for all participants.

Published Expertise

As a contributor to Event Store with published articles, I bring cutting-edge insights and proven practices directly to your team, enhancing their knowledge base with the latest industry trends.

Bootcamp Instructor

My experience teaching at bootcamps has honed my skills in delivering intensive, transformational learning experiences, tailored to rapidly elevate skills from foundational to advanced levels.

Diverse Technology Training

With a track record of training teams of senior developers in .NET, testing, TDD, Event Sourcing, and CQRS, I offer comprehensive training programs designed to upskill your team in diverse technological landscapes.

Online Learning Pioneer

I have created impactful online courses and personal videos for Openwebinars, blending expertise with digital innovation to offer accessible learning anytime, anywhere.

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NuGet customization and some gotchas

NuGet customization and some gotchas

Did you know you could customize the path where NuGet installs packages? And did you know you could apply some global NuGet configuration so that you could add custom authentication outside your solutions? Find out more on this post